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Realestate Development

Real estate market is crucial for promoting commerce and industry, growth and employment, and poverty reduction. The liberalization of the Pakistani economy has increased business opportunities and migration of the labor force to urban localities has led to an increase in the demand for both commercial and housing space. The role of formal real estate investment markets in the process of economic development remains poorly understood. The lack of understanding is, in part, a direct result of the absence of reliable information on real estate values, yields and total returns. The study attempts to develop an information base on the real estate market through secondary resources, stakeholder consultations in main cities and a sample survey of real estate agents.
The Real Estate market is the market that encompasses all transactions which involve dealings in rights or access to land and buildings. It forms the backbone of the urban economy being a fixed factor market; hence an efficient Real Estate market is most important for a well-functioning urban environment.
According to the World Bank, in most countries, real estate (including land) accounts for between half and three-quarters of national wealth. In Pakistan about 250 ancillary industries, such as cement, steel, brick, timber and building materials, are dependent on the real estate industry.
MAS Group has conducted several studies, evaluations, identified potential project on different corridors in Lahore and Pakistan. Based upon detailed research work MAS Group has great contribution towards the real estate market in Pakistan and further has executed several different projects worth multi billions. MAS Group has delivered up to 3500 Housing units in a very short span of 1.5 years and further aims to deliver up to 50,000 units up till year 2025.
The urban population rate in Pakistan today is 36.2 % to 38.2 % which is expected to grow up to 50% to 52.2 % till the year 2025, based on the rate of growth in the urbanization the demand for Real estate sector will certainly increase and contributing to the requirements for construction of new houses and planned Housing schemes. The impact of growth in the urbanization rate will also contribute towards the increase in the prices of housing units and further producing opportunities for investment in the real estate sector.

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