MAS Foundation

MAS Foundation

You Have Two Hands, One To Help Yourself, The Second To Help Others

Came in to existence in 2011, after the initiatives taken for different programs for corporate social responsibilities by the worthy CEO of MAS Group Mian Abdul Samad. Today MAS Group is running different supporting programs for widows & Orphans where they are funded to initiate their own small businesses, further the MAS Group also support those talented Pakistani students who are in need of funds to complete their education programs.

SASTA Dastarkhawan

Today MAS Group is running sasta dastarkhawan in different cities of Pakistan where all Pakistanis can have a meal at a cost less then Rs. 20/- and in this way we also control the wastage of food and also generate employment for the food industry.

By the grace of Allah Pak MAS Foundation intends to double its efforts in the same domain and looks forward to take more responsibilities towards those Pakistanis who are in need of our help.